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Nearing the age of 30 i have used hair extensions since the age of 17. From clip in extensions, to glue, to weaves, to bonds and now tapes. I can honestly say i've never had extensions as great as the great lengths tapes. Having great extensions is only half the battle however and i'm so happy from 2019 i have been getting fittings from Joanne Fox Hair. The experience of the fitting from Jo is never painful (like past experiences), it is always professional but i feel like i am chatting with a friend, she is the first ever person to explain to me how to look after not only my hair with extensions but my hair without. This has resulted in my hair when i first met Jo being in a short bob showing the nape of my neck showing lots of split ends, to my hair now being down my back and glossy in very good condition. Jo has given me so much confidence, as somebody who is in the public eye i feel the need to look my best always. But since I've met Jo because i love my hair so much i don't wear makeup when i get on the train to London now, it doesn't sound like a big thing to some, but the way that Jo fits and styles my hair i now feel like my hair is my greatest accessory.
Scarlett Moffatt x

Scarlett Moffatt. X


Jo is so amazing, talented and professional with fitting her hair extensions. She has produced amazing results with my hair which i struggle to grow and was in very poor condition when i had my first consultation.
I never thought i would have long hair but with Jo's skill and beautiful wefts, i have succeeded and wouldn't be without her doing my hair. I would highly recommend Jo and her 5 star service.

Jill Couchman


Jo's hair extensions are fabulous. 
I went to see Jo as i was concerned about a set i had put in by some one else. She not only removed the old set, she gave me advice on treating my hair until a new set could be put in. She custom built my extensions and made tiny bonds to suit my very fine hair. WOW, what a difference it makes getting them put in by some one who is talented and enthusiastic about there work. Highly Recommended.

Jo Louise.


Jo has been fitting my extensions since 2014.
I wouldn't trust anyone else to fit or remove them. Jo uses the very best quality hair, her knowledge is vast and will match the right extensions to your natural hair type perfectly. She also maintains my colour perfectly. All this combined with her realistic and competitive pricing structure is what makes her one of the top hair extension specialists in the town and surrounding area.
Like they say: Invest in your hair, it's the crown you'll never take off.!
Jo will make you feel and look amazing.

Katy Lee

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